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A philanthropic foundation based in Wellington, New Zealand.

About the Jester Foundation

The Jester Foundation (formally, the Jester 003 Charitable Trust) is a registered New Zealand charitable trust. It was founded on the 5th August, 2009.


The foundation donates to social ventures that improve the lives of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.


We support initiatives that maximize the humanitarian impact of every dollar spent.

We seek ventures with the potential for growth, ideally helping hundreds of thousands - or millions - of people. We look for outstanding leadership and compelling, quantitative evidence of a venture's impact. We make unrestricted donations to support social ventures' sustainable, long-term growth.


​​The trustees draw upon the work of Jasmine Social Investments to make their donation decisions.



In the last 12 months (as at October 2022) we supported the following extraordinary organisations: 

Second half 2022:


First half 2022: 


PLEASE NOTE that we operate on a referral basis. We obtain information about social ventures from our partner philanthropic foundations. 


Accordingly, we DO NOT ACCEPT unsolicited applications for donations directly from social ventures. We are unable to respond to such requests.

For other, general inquiries, please complete the form below:

Contact Us

Thank you for your inquiry.We regret that we cannot reply to unsolicited applications for donations.

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