Who We Fund

Jester currently supports the following organisations:

EarthEnable EarthEnable makes living conditions healthier for poor Rwandan families by eliminating dirt floors.  Read more:  https://earthenable.org/
Muso Logo myAgro enables small-scale farmers in Mali to increase their harvests and move beyond subsistence farming to profitable agri-businesses. Read more:  www.myagro.org
One Heart logo One Heart World-Wide prevents the deaths of mothers and their newborn infants in Nepal.  Read more:  www.oneheartworld-wide.org
Medic Mobile logo Medic Mobile builds and deploys technological tools to make health care systems in poor and underserved communities more effective and efficient.  Read more:  http://medicmobile.org/
Muso Logo.png Project Muso’s “ultra-rapid health system” aims to eliminate preventable deaths for under five year olds in poor communities in Mali.  Read more:  http://www.projectmuso.org/
BOMA logo BOMA Project helps women living in extreme poverty in the drylands of Africa to start small businesses and savings schemes in their communities.  Read more:  http://bomaproject.org/
 StrongMinds Logo StrongMinds Inc works to improve the mental health of women living with depression in Africa.  They restore mentally ill individuals to healthy, productive and satisfying lives.  Read more: http://strongminds.org/
Noora Health Noora Health trains patients and their families with high impact health skills to improve outcomes and to save lives.  Read more:  http://www.noorahealth.org/
Refuge Point 2 Refuge Point provides lasting solutions for the worlds most vulnerable refugees.  Read more:  http://www.refugepoint.org/
Educate Educate! works with schools and governments in Sub-saharan Africa to devise and/or deliver a Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Workforce Readiness course to secondary school students.  Read more at: http://www.experienceeducate.org/
Bridge Bridge International Academies devises and delivers quality primary education programmes to the children in Liberia. Read more: http://www.bridgeinternationalacademies.com/