Our Criteria

Characteristic What we look for What we like to see
Entrepreneur A visionary and innovative problem solver. An opportunity focused and financially savvy individual with strong leadership qualities.  Knowledge and/or experience of the people and communities who will be impacted by the intervention.
Population/s impacted Regions of extreme poverty,  conflict, human suffering or environmental loss. The intervention targets people living on less than $2.00 per day anywhere in the world.  Or alleviates large scale human suffering. Or seeks to ameliorate ecosystem loss and dysfunction.
System Changing Model A compelling solution to a pressing world problem. The problem is clearly understood and articulated.  There is an easily executed intervention that will improve the lives of the target populations.  Evidence that it is needed, that it will work for lots of people, and that people will want it.
Impact definition The direct impact that will occur as a result of this intervention. There is a concise and simple statement of impact.  How will the lives of the people impacted be improved?  What exactly will change for them?
Evidence Use of scientific measurement Specific, quantified and verified measures of impact. What has changed and how will you know it is has changed? How will you know that it was your intervention that made the change?
Scalability A clear and realistic pathway to scale. The impact can grow to scale quickly across communities and geographies.  There are units of growth and a recognizable growth pattern.  The $ costs per person impacted are realistic.
Materiality Jester funds are pivotal to the organisation’s scaling plans. Early stage emerging organisations with a budget of $500k – $2m.

And/or funds are necessary in order to make a significant step-up in the organisation’s evolution.

Sustainability Organisation can exist beyond philanthropic grants and donations Impacts are long-lasting and the activity can be delivered via government, market or large institutional donors.


Strong leadership and business acumen. Proven financial and operational skills. The ability to build relationships and engage with others.  Forward planning and fundraising goals.
Corroboration Support from other donors Recommendation from one or more funding partners